You build cool projects.

We're just here to help you show them off.

With PeaBirds you can quickly setup a beautiful, customizable, project-oriented portfolio page.
Its free and only take few minutes to set up.

What is PeaBirds?

PeaBirds is a platform to create personal (and commercial) portfolio pages, focused on showing off all your awesome projects.

It's tailored for techie and open-source stuff, but can be used for pretty much anything, even art or real-estate.

Building your portfolio is easy, just add your projects, choose a template, and its online in seconds!

Did we mention its free? ❤

Why PeaBirds?

If you're active in the open-source community or had your share of freelancing, you probably have few dozens projects scattered around the internet by now.

Some may hide in repos, some on package managers, and some may be hidden behind vague domains.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have one page to show them all off? Its great for your CV and personal joy.

PeaBirds is just that. A home for all your projects.

PeaBirds is..

Easy Setup.

Creating your portfolio page only takes few minutes. No HTML / CSS background needed.


Customize your page with templates and color schemes. Let the artist in you go!

Projects Oriented.

Define your projects, then go play with templates, settings, and everything else. The projects stay.

Responsive & Beautiful.

We have a variety of Beautiful and responsive templates to pick from.

Ready To Begin?